Research Interests


My main interests are in Probability and Stochastic Processes. Some of the topics I am interested in are Large Deviations, Stochastic Control, Stochastic Differential Games, Stochastic Networks, Stochastic Partial Differential Equations, Random Graphs, Stochastic Numerics, Nonlinear Filtering. I am a member of the probability group at UNC.



A. Budhiraja and P. Dupuis. Analysis and Approximation of Rare Events: Representations and Weak Convergence Methods, Probability Theory and Stochastic Modelling, Volume 94,  Springer, 2019. (Errata)


Publications and Preprints

Arranged in reverse chronological order

Diffusion limits in the quarter plane and non-semimartingale reflected Brownian motion, with R. Atar. Submitted.

Ergodic Control of Resource Sharing Networks: Lower Bound on Asymptotic Costs, with M.Conroy and D.Johnson. Under Review.

Fluctuations of the Atlas model from inhomogeneous stationary profiles, with S. Banerjee and P. Rudzis. Under Review.

Large Deviations for Empirical Measures of Self-Interacting Markov Chains, with A. Waterbury and P. Zoubouloglou. Under Review.

Long Time Behavior of Finite and Infinite Dimensional Reflected Brownian Motions, with S. Banerjee. Book Chapter in Probability and Stochastic Processes, Springer, 2024.

Extremal Invariant Distributions of Infinite Brownian Particle Systems with Rank Dependent Drifts, with S. Banerjee. Under Review.

Large Deviations for Small Noise Diffusions Over Long Time, with P.  Zoubouloglou. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, Series B. 2024;11(01):1-63.

Simple Form Control Policies for Resource Sharing Networks with HGI Performance, with D. Johnson. The Annals of Applied Probability, 2024 Feb;34(1B):851-916.

Load Balancing in Parallel Queues and Rank-based Diffusions, with S. Banerjee and B. Estevez. Math. Oper. Res., to appear, 2024.

On Some Extensions of the Boué-Dupuis Variational Formula, Submitted, 2024.

Large deviation principles for functionals of fractional Brownian motions, with X. Song. IISA Volume on Statistics and Data Science, to appear, 2024.

The Inert Drift Atlas Model,  with S. Banerjee and B. Estevez. Communications in Mathematical Physics, 2023 May;399(3):2083-147.

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