Current Students

Dilshad Imon (co-advising with Sayan Banerjee )

Akshay Sakanaveeti (co-advising with Shankar Bhamidi)


Previous students

Pavlos Zoubouloglou  (2019-2024). Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Münster, Germany.

Dissertation title: Large Deviation Principles for Some Stochastic Dynamical Systems With Asymptotically Vanishing Noise,

Ben Estevez (2019-2024).   Co-advised with Sayan Banerjee

Dissertation title: Some Interacting Particle Systems With Singular Interactions

Michael Conroy (2016-2021).  Co-advised with Mariana Olvera-Cravioto. Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Arizona, Department of Mathematics.

Dissertation title: Rare Event Analysis for Some Branching Process and Interacting Particle Models.

Adam Waterbury (2016-2021).  Co-advised with Nico Fraiman. Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California at Santa Barbara, Department of Statistics and Applied Probability.

Dissertation title: Asymptotics and Approximation of Quasi-Stationary Distributions.

Miheer Dewaskar (2016-2021).  Co-advised with Shankar Bhamidi  and Andrew Nobel. Postdoctoral Fellow, Duke University, Department of Statistical Science.

Dissertation title: High-dimensional Problems in Statistics and Probability: Correlation Mining and Distributed Load Balancing.

Yang Yu (2014-2019). Co-advised with Shu Lu. Data Scientist, Google, August 2019-

Dissertation title: Analyzing Sampling in Stochastic Optimization: Importance Sampling and Statistical Inference

Eric Friedlander (2013-2018). Postdoctoral fellow at Department of Ecology and Evolution, University of Chicago (2018-).

Dissertation title: Mean-Field Methods in Large Stochastic Networks.

Ruoyu Wu (2012-2016). Postdoctoral fellow at Division of Applied Mathematics, Brown University(2016-2018). Postdoctoral fellow at Department of Mathematics, University of Michigan (2018-)

Dissertation title: Some Asymptotic Results for Weakly Interacting Particle Systems.

Abhishek Pal Majumder (2010-2015). Co-advised with Jan Hannig. Postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark(2015-18). Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Mathematics, Stockholm University(2018-).

Dissertation title: Long Time Asymptotics Of Some Weakly Interacting Particle Systems And Higher Order Asymptotics Of Generalized Fiducial Distribution.

Xuan Wang (2009 – 2014). Co-advised with Shankar Bhamidi. Postdoctoral fellow in probability at Georgia Tech (2014-16). Data Scientist, Data Bricks, July 2016–

Dissertation title: Some Asymptotic Problems for Dynamical Random Graphs.

Jiang Chen (2008 – 2013). Currently at ApplySquare Education & Technology Co.

Dissertation title: Some Topics in Large Deviations Theory for Stochastic Dynamical Systems.

Xin Liu (2006 -2011). Postdoc at IMA (2011-2013). Currently a tenure track assistant professor at Department of Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University.

Dissertation title: Diffusion Approximations For Multiscale Stochastic Networks In Heavy Traffic.

Dominik Reinhold (2006-2011). Co-advised with Ross Leadbetter. Tenure track assistant professor at Clark Univerity (2011-2015). Currently research assistant professor at Department of Biostatistics & Informatics, University of Colorado Denver.

Dissertation title: Asymptotic Behavior of Near Critical Branching Processes and Modeling of Cell Growth Data.

Vasileios Maroulas (2003-2008). Postdoc at IMA (2008-2010). Currently a tenured associate professor at Department of Mathematics, University of Tennessee.

Dissertation title: Small noise large deviations for infinite dimensional stochastic dynamical systems.

Chihoon Lee (2003-2008). Tenure track assistant and tenured associate professor at Department of Statistics, Colorado State University (2008-2015). Currently tenured associate professor at School of Business, Stevens Institute of Technology.

Dissertation title: Long Time Stability And Control Problems For Stochastic Networks In Heavy Traffic.

Kevin Ross (2001-2006). NSF VIGRE postdoctoral fellow, Stanford University (2006-2009). Currently assistant professor in Department of Statistics at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

Dissertation title: Stochastic Singular Control Problems With State Constraint.

Arka Ghosh (2000-2005). Tenure track assistant professor and currently tenured associate professor, Department of Statistics, Iowa State University.

Dissertation title: Control Problems For Queueing Networks In Heavy Traffic.

John Fricks (1999-2004). Tenure track assistant professor and tenured associate professor, Department of Statistics, Penn State University. Tenured Associate Professor, School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, Arizona State University.

Dissertation title: Biomolecular Motors and Diffusion Ratchets.